Students Excel offers high-quality, video-based instruction and lessons that teach Microsoft Excel within the context of the specific Accounting or Business curriculum.

Courses are developed in cooperation with college and university instructors by nationally renowned Excel expert and consultant/trainer, David Ringstrom, CPA.

Lessons include approximately one hour of video instruction that reinforces the classroom curriculum while teaching Excel skills students can take straight from the classroom to the workplace.

Companion spreadsheet exercises, evaluated by StudentsExcel™, give instructors detailed feedback on each student’s performance to use as an additional assessment tool.


Instructors Benefit …

► Using Students Excel frees up valuable classroom time for instructors to focus on the core material; no need to prepare additional materials or to teach Excel.

► StudentsExcel™ lessons are designed to reinforce and complement the curriculum of college and university classes in Accounting and Business.

► Student exercises reinforce the lesson material and are thoroughly evaluated by StudentsExcel™, which in turn provides detailed results to instructors to use as an evaluation tool.

► StudentsExcel™ courses cost schools and instructors nothing; students pay a nominal fee for the exercise spreadsheets and for evaluation of their work.


Students Benefit …

► Students receive focused Excel instruction provided by a renowned Excel consultant and trainer.

► The Excel content is presented in the context of the materials currently being learned in the classroom.

► Students learn Excel concepts and skills they can take straight from the classroom to the workplace.

►Students have unlimited access to review course materials at their convenience prior to completing the spreadsheet, which must be done within the timeframe established by the instructor.

► Instructions for the companion spreadsheet exercises are provided in two formats to accommodate different learning styles.

David Ringstrom has worked as a spreadsheet consultant for 25 years.  Early in his career as an accountant, David recognized the tremendous untapped potential to automate the accounting workplace using spreadsheets.

He became an early Excel user and enthusiast, learning the program’s many “hidden” features and combining those with his accounting knowledge to unlock Excel’s true power to streamline accounting work.  Through his consulting work and years of feedback from clients and other Excel users, David has developed a keen sense of what most users don’t know about Excel – but should.

Today, he is a nationally-recognized authority in Microsoft Excel, presenting continuing education webinars to thousands of professionals each year.  He has spoken at numerous conferences, written hundreds of freelance articles on spreadsheet development and Microsoft Excel, and his first book, Idiot’s Guides – Introductory Accounting, was just published in 2016.